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This record is inspired by the events known as the “Haymarket affair” of the late 1880’s, and dedicated to the people who gave so much for freedom in that struggle. All the lyrics are adapted from words spoken or written by the “martyrs”: Albert Parsons, Louis Lingg, George Engel, August Spies, and Adolph Fischer, as well as by their comrade Lucy Parsons. 11/11 signifies November Eleven, 1887, the date of the hanging of the four in Chicago (Louis Lingg had taken his own life the night before, presumably to deny the state the satisfaction). The five martyrs were subsequently interned together in Waldheim cemetery, Chicago. All five men (together with three co-defendants sentenced to long prison terms) were posthumously exonerated by Illinois Governor Altgeld. Their sacrifice and courage in life and in death continues to inspire people around the world who dream of a world free of chains.


released November 11, 2015

bettina-drums, voice, synth
devin-baritone guitar, voice, synth

recorded by daniel escauriza at soundjitsu, chicago




TEKO SASO Chicago, Illinois

Teko Sãso is a Guarani phrase which roughly translates into “the state of breaking chains”. This is the essence of what we hope to be about as a band: to inspire dreams of freedom and beauty...

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Track Name: this is my crime
This is my crime
For which I am called to die
This is my crime...
And I stand here
Upon the scaffold
This is my crime...

I am one of those who holds that it is wrong-
wage slave that I am-
To make my escape by becoming a master
I refuse to do. This is my crime...

I refuse equally to be a slave or the owner of a slave...
And I have been untrue to these infamies
This and this alone, this is my crime
Track Name: all the tomorrows/flowers for the fallen
Our comrades sleep the sleep
Which knows no awakening
But the grand cause for which they died
Is not asleep nor dead

Rest comrades, rest
All the tomorrows are yours
Track Name: the scaffold
The time will come when our silence ill be more powerful
Than the voices you strangle...
And this is the happiest moment of my life....
Let the voice of the people be heard...